18 Great Road, Routes 62 and 117,
Stow, MA 978-897-5568

Our Shop

The bodyshop at Pattersons Autobody is where vehicles are placed during realignment and reassembly.

  • The bodyshop contains a computer-driven laser measuring system that helps to exactly align bodywork. Alignment can be compared with the original factory specifications so that repairs can be made an exact match with the original.
  • Frame machines raise and support vehicles that are being worked on allowing mechanics to straighten bends in the vehicle frames resulting from an accident. To work on multiple tasks at the same time Pattersons Autobody has five different frame machines that can hold vehicles that are all currently under repair.
  • Patterson Autobody has two state-of-the-art paint booths that include cross-draft air flow and a bake oven.
  • The brightly lit paintbooth provides enough white lighting to make a perfect paint color match.
spraying paint in autobody shop - creating exact match
paint booth at Patterson autobody

Paint Booth at Pattersons

spraying paint in autobody shop

"Frank is a great guy, will work with you to make it work. Nice clean new shop and yard. I've had two vehicles in there for repair and have not been happier. Both looked better than new when finished with no issues after that. So refreshing. It's nice to have an upfront, honest guy in this trade, he will get all my business and referals."